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Clear Whey baltymų izoliatas

Clear Whey baltymų izoliatas

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Key benefits

  • 21g premium protein per serving 
  • Quick absorption for increased recovery
  • Sugar-free // Fat-free // GMO-free
  • 100% natural flavourings
  • Third-party lab tested

Product overview

Tired of grainy, milky shakes? Now you can get a juicy boost of high-quality protein isolate with our Clear Whey. With rapid absorption and easy digestion, it’s the natural formula ready to kick-start your recovery.

Each fruity serving is packed with 21g protein, helping you to grow and maintain important muscle, whether you’re looking to tone, build mass or just stay healthy. Completely sugar-free and fat-free, it’s the perfect choice for keeping your fitness goals and eating schedule on track.

Created with all-natural flavourings, choose clean protein packed with mouthwatering flavour. Get yours in zingy Orange & Mango, Berry, and Tropical for a juicy, hydrating boost whenever you need it.


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