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Menkių kepenų aliejus

Menkių kepenų aliejus

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Key benefits

  • High-strength formula
  • With omega-3, vitamin A & D
  • 100% daily NRV per serving
  • Supports your heart health
  • CBD-free product
  • Product overview

    Keep your health in check while you’re busy with our convenient everyday capsules – rich in essential omega-3 fatty acids and a good source of vitamin A and D.

    These essential fats are found in food such as fish, nut oils and flaxseeds, making it difficult to get the amount you need from your diet. Our omega-3 supplement offers a quick and cost-effective solution.

    Get a boost of vitamin A and D, too, with 100% of your daily NRV per serving. Helping support your natural defences3, while promoting healthy skin, teeth, bone and muscle, so can you keep feeling your best4– all day long.

    This product contains no CBD or other cannabinoids whatsoever.

    How and when do I take?

    Simply take 2 capsules with every day, preferably with food.

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